Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation


  • Final meeting
    As a throwback to the pandemic years, the final project meeting had to be hastily be organised online, as the selected venue, Augsburg, became unreachable due to unprecedented snowfall. The consortium could still manage to join and pull off a successful meeting, even with the regret of not meeting our colleagues one last time. The… Read more: Final meeting
  • [Cancelled] Haeolus present at Off-Grid Expo
    The Haeolus project will conclude in 2023, and will be represented at the upcoming Off-Grid Expo + Conference in Augsburg, Germany, on 7-8 December. UPDATE: due to exceptional weather conditions in Munich, the consortium will unfortunately not be able to participate to the Off-Grid Expo.
  • Haeolus PhD to be Awarded on November 28
    Mr. Muhammad Bakr Ahmad Abdelghany, PhD student at Haeolus partner UniSannio, is scheduled to become officially a Doctor of Philosophy on November 28. The defense will be held at the Univerisity of Sannio in Benevento, betweeen 15:00 and 17:00.
  • Sixth Haeolus project meeting
    For the first time since January 2020, the Haeolus consortium could meet again in person for a project meeting in Belfort.
  • Haeolus publication targets achieved!
    More than a year ahead of the conclusion of the project, the publication targets of Haeolus have been achieved, with six conference contributions and three peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Livestream Goes Live!
    The Haeolus data platform has now been made available for the public. During operation, it will be possible to monitor critical parameters of our units as they adapt to the actual wind production according to our control algorithms. For now, the page is fairly quiet, but will be more lively when long-term tests will start.… Read more: Livestream Goes Live!
  • Save the date “Grand Opening”
    Registration before the End of April by following the link : https://forms.gle/DypSCcsES7wYkwgT9
  • Summer School 2022
    On 7th-10th of June, EU projects Haeolus and VirtualFCS will organise a common summer school, mainly targeted at PhD students, in Belfort, France. In presence, finally! This year, the focus will be on modelling, diagnostics and prognostics of electrochemical hybrid systems, including fuel cells and batteries. Save the dates, follow the link and stay tuned… Read more: Summer School 2022
  • The light is back!
    After the polar night, the sun has returned to Berlevåg, and our plant, finally completed after two years of Covid disruption, enjoys its first moments basking in the new year’s sunshine!
  • Haeolus at the European Hydrogen Week
    The current status of the Haeolus project will be presented at the upcoming European Hydrogen Week, specifically on Thursday 2nd December 2021, 11:40 – 12:00 CET (see agenda). Remember to register for the online event!
  • Haeolus Project Extended
    The Haeolus project has secured an extension of two years, and will continue until 31st December 2023.
  • Haeolus’ Second Summer School
    The second summer school for undergraduate and graduate students, out of three to be held by the Haeolus project, was held online on 30 June and 1 July 2021. The presentations are included below.
  • Haeolus Demonstration Started
    The Haeolus project is very excited to announce that finally, on the 15th of June 2021, KES, in collaboration with Hydrogenics and Varanger Kraft, started the first of a suite of tests developed by Tecnalia for the energy-storage control strategy. With this, the 2.5 year long demonstration phase is officially started, after several delays due… Read more: Haeolus Demonstration Started
  • Installation ongoing in Berlevåg
  • Haeolus Installation Finally Starting!
    After a 2020 with so many delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to report that the hydrogen system (both electrolyser, fuel cell, converters etc.) is on the way to Berlevåg, and is scheduled to arrive on 5 May 2021. Personnel from Hydrogenics just arrived on site, after a week of quarantine at… Read more: Haeolus Installation Finally Starting!
  • Norwegian Government allows disconnectible grid connections agreements
    A small and apparently obscure modification to the Norwegian Regulation for Grids and Energy Markets has just been announced by the Norwegian Government. As it happens, it may have a major impact on Haeolus and similar projects.
  • Hydrogen for Coastal Communities
    The “Triple Alliance” of EU Interreg projects HUGE, SEAFUEL and GenComm is holding a seminar this Thursday, 18th February 2021, 11:00-13:00 CET, on zero-emission mobility for coastal communities. Program and registration at this link, online, free attendance.
  • European Workshop on Electrolysis Safety
    Safety is of paramount importance, also in environmentally friendly energy sources and carriers. The Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking organised in November 2020 a workshop on safety in electrolysis, and all presentations are now available online.
  • New IEA Report on “Power-to-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-to-X”
    The International Energy Agency‘s Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program has just released the final report of their Task 38 “Power to Hydrogen and Hydrogen to X”.
  • Hydrogen Tank Delivered to Site
    On November 5, 2020, one more piece of the puzzle fell into place: the pressurised buffer tank for the electrolyser was delivered to Berlevåg!
  • Next-Gen Electrolyser Conference
    Haeolus will be strongly represented at the upcoming Next Generation Electrolysers conference on 8-9 December 2020. The conference has an industrial focus and it’s the place you want to be if your company wants a piece of the action in large-scale hydrogen production.
  • Haeolus and Covid-19
    Everybody’s life has been turned upside down this year, and Haeolus has not been an exception. Whereas work still proceeds for most aspects, some critical activities have been delayed significantly. So, when is hydrogen coming to Finnmark?
  • Varanger Kraft Announces Large-Scale Ammonia Production from Hydrogen
    Haeolus partner Varanger Kraft has recently released to the press their long-term plans for exploitation of the hydrogen that can be produced in Berlevåg from wind-generated hydrogen.
  • Site ready
    The HAEOLUS project is pleased to inform you that the new building welcoming the full system is now finalized. All the details are given in the deliverable D7.2 authored by Christian Bue (Varanger Kraft).
  • Protocols for demonstration of mini-grid strategy
    The Haeolus project is pleased to publish a new deliverable on the protocols for the demonstration of the Haeolus system when configured for operations in the mini-grid use case authored by Iker Marino and Maider Santos (TECNALIA).
  • Protocols for demonstration of energy-storage strategy
    The Haeolus project is pleased to publish a new deliverable on the protocols for the demonstration of the Haeolus system when configured for operations in the energy storage use case authored by Iker Marino and Maider Santos (TECNALIA).
  • Valorisation plan for hydrogen an by-products
    In the framework of the HAEOLUS project, a new deliverable is published on the valorisation plan for hydrogen an by-products.
  • Control System for mini-grid use case
    The Haeolus project is pleased to publish a new deliverable on the control system developed for mini grid use case authored by Muhammad B. Abdelghany, Muhammad F. Sheshzad, Davide Liuzza, Valerio Mariani, and Luigi Glielmo (UniSannio).
  • Control system for energy-storage use case
    Muhammad B. Adbelghany, Muhammad F. Sheshzad, Davide Liuzza, Valerio Mariani and Luigi Glielmo (UniSannio) are the authors of the deliverable on the control system developed for energy-storage use case, for the HAEOLUS project.
  • Impact of wind-hydrogen plants on energy systems and RCS
    The Haeolus project is pleased to publish a new deliverable on the impact of wind-hydrogen plants on energy systems and RCS authored by Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, Sigrid Damman, Miguel Muñoz-Ortiz, Rolf Bye and Vibeke Nørstebø of SINTEF.
  • Green Hydrogen is Coming!
    An article recently published by prof. Proost of the University of Louvain details the key parameters for the breakthrough of hydrogen from renewables. And if you followed the news, a lot of these targets are already being met!
  • Large-scale H₂ production pathways in Norway
    SINTEF just released a report on the activities currently ongoing in Norway to pave the way for hydrogen production in large scale, and how it may support the transition to sustainable energy until 2050.
  • Presentations from ECC19
    The Haeolus project releases here the presentations that were held at the European Control Conference in Naples, June 2019.
  • Fourth Project Meeting
    The Haeolus consortium met on 15-17 January at UniSannio’s premises in Benevento, Italy.
  • Haeolus Site Near Completion
    Varanger Kraft has essentially completed the construction of our demonstration site in Berlevåg, Norway; only minor works are left to be performed in conjunction with installation, currently scheduled for April 2020.
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics for Hydrogen Plants
    The Haeolus project is pleased to publish its latest deliverable, a report on diagnostic and prognostic approaches for electrolysers and fuel cells authored by Raffaele Petrone and Robin Roche of UBFC.
  • Hydrogenics Sets Date for Installation
    The Haeolus hydrogen system to be installed in Berlevåg is expected to be ready and tested around the end of the 2019; depending on logistic constraints for delivery to Finnmark, production will start in early 2020.
  • Hydrogen Utilisation Workshop
    Finnmark County Council organised on May 14 a workshop to select the most promising routes for hydrogen utilisation in Varanger and Finnmark.
  • HAEOLUS at EURO 2019
    The Haeolus project will be presented at EURO 2019 in June (European Conference on Operations Research).
  • EU: Electrolysers are the Key to the Future’s Clean Power Grid
    Can you imagine a future where all energy is renewable and clean? The scientists at the EU’s Joint Research Centre did just that in a recently published report.
  • Haeolus Workshop at ECC19
    Haeolus will organise, on June 25, a workshop with the topic Modeling, Control and Operation of Advanced Energy Storage Systems in Grid Connection in connection with the upcoming European Control Conference 2019.
  • Summer School: Microgrids
    Our project partners UTBM are organising a summer school on Microgrids in Belfort, France, July 1-5, 2019. The initiative is partially funded by Haeolus and is aimed at grad students, researchers and industry.
  • Hydrogen is Blowin’ in the Wind
    Finnmark County Council is organising a 1-day workshop in Vadsø, titled “Hydrogen in the wind”, to showcase the opportunities for Northern Norway in hydrogen and fuel cells, an event directly inspired by the start of the Haeolus project. [UPDATE – read more for the presentations]
  • Third Project Meeting
    The Haeolus project’s third project meeting was held in Oevel, Belgium, at Hydrogenics’ premises.
  • Energy Analysis of a Wind-Hydrogen System
    The Haeolus project publishes today another of its key deliverables, Energy Analysis of the Raggovidda Integrated System.
  • Haeolus at Norwegian Municipalities’ Conference
    Haeolus will be presented at the Norwegian Municipal Sector’s International day on March 5, 2019, as an example of how a small municipality like Berlevåg (Haeolus’ demonstration site) can succeed in the EU arena.
  • Varanger Kraft Launches New Hydrogen Company
    Varanger Kraft, a key partner in the Haeolus project, is reworking its corporate structure and has founded in January 2019 a dedicated company for its hydrogen activities, Varanger Krafthydrogen. The Haeolus consortium congratulates Varanger Kraft on their commitment to hydrogen energy!
  • Dynamic Model for Hydrogen Plants
    The Haeolus project publishes today one of it first major public deliverables, a report on Dynamic Models for Hydrogen Production and Storage Plants.
  • Second Haeolus Meeting
    The Haeolus project has held its second project and board meeting at Tecnalia’s premises in Bilbao.
  • Job Opening as Haeolus’ Communication Manager
    Haeolus partner FCLAB (represented in the consortium by UBFC) is looking for a Senior Advisor for Partnership & Project Development.
  • Renewable Hydrogen in the Energy Transition
    The International Renewable Energy Agency has just published a report on the role of hydrogen, especially renewable hydrogen, in future energy systems.
  • Press release: Launch of Haeolus
    Following Haeolus‘ kickoff in January, a press release has been published. This document emphasizes the innovative goals of the project and the roles of the industrial partners. Link to the press release
  • Haeolus Featured in Norway’s Leading Engineering Magazine
  • Workshop on Electrofuels
    Haeolus partner Hydrogenics is organising a workshop on e-Fuels in Herentals, Belgium, on August 27, 2018.
  • Wind farmers quest a connection to Norway’s Arctic coast
    The big winds that come in from the Barents Sea carry flush green power and profits. But developers are held back by sparse infrastructure. And a growing opposition from local groups.
  • Hydrogenics Team Arrives 2nd in 24h Hydrogen Challenge!
    The Hydrogenics team, with the participation of our very own Chris Van Oevelen, has arrived 2nd out of 19 teams in the 24h Hydrogen Challenge of April 6, 2018. Congratulations!
  • Hydrogenics Joins Haeolus, Visits Raggovidda
    The Haeolus project had a rough start, as our previous industrial partner eventually decided not to join the project, citing insufficient resources to follow it up (a side effect of the growing interest in hydrogen technology). Our consortium was lucky enough to find a more than worthy replacement in Hydrogenics, who joined the project in… Read more: Hydrogenics Joins Haeolus, Visits Raggovidda
  • Haeolus Kicks off!
    The Haeolus project started on January 1, 2018, and had its kick-off meeting in Oslo, January 15-16. All partners attended the kick-off, together with the FCH JU’s Project Officer Nikolaos Lymperopoulos and Financial Officer Antonio Requena Fernández.