Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation

Related Projects

Our project does not exist in a vacuum: there are many projects promoting renewable hydrogen production and utilisation, several of which funded by the EU like Haeolus. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but presents the projects with whom we have contacts or collaboration plans.

  • REFHYNE (FCH JU) started as the same time as Haeolus, and is also coordinated by SINTEF. REFHYNE will install the largest PEM electrolysis system in the world (10 MW, or four time Haeolus’ own) inside a Shell refinery in Germany.
  • REMOTE (FCH JU) also started at the same time as Haeolus, and it focuses on renewable energy supply in remote areas with hydrogen storage. SINTEF and Hydrogenics are partners in this project.
  • CL-WindCon (H2020) focuses more on the control aspects of wind parks, in particular optimisation of an entire wind park with advanced control algorithms. We expect synergies between our projects when electrolysers are brought into the mix!
  • StratosFuel is a company in California commercialising hydrogen from renewable power for zero-emission mobility, and work together with Hydrogenics.
  • Hybrit is a long-term research and demonstration project to replace carbon coke with hydrogen in steel production, achieving ultimately zero-emission steel, based in Luleå, Sweden.
  • H2Future (FCH JU) is also working on zero-emission steel processes, with the added goal of integrating electrolysers in ancillary grid services.
  • Deep Purple (NFR) is a research project studying the possibility of providing renewable power to maritime installations by means of offshore hydrogen storage. SINTEF participates in the project.
  • HyChico is a project in Argentina, at the other side of the world from Haeolus, yet with many similarities: a highly efficient wind park used to generate hydrogen. In addition, they research high-capacity hydrogen storage in salt caverns (not possible in Varanger due to different geology).

We look forward to many more collaborations and contacts with projects in the future, especially on the user side and located in the Varanger area.

If you are a research or demonstration project in a relevant area and are interested in collaboration, feel free to get in touch with us! (Contact details at the bottom of the front page.)