Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation

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Travel Advice

Berlevåg is a remote location and it will take you a day to reach if starting within Europe; you should therefore allocate June 14 and 16 for travel.

All the way by plane: Berlevåg airport (BVG) is connected to the rest of Finnmark through the “milk route” between Tromsø and Kirkenes. Two planes land from Tromsø, in the early morning and early afternoon, and one from Kirkenes in the late evening, and proceed to the other end of the route. It is therefore necessary to catch a connection in either Tromsø (TOS, an international airport) or Kirkenes (KKN, a national airport with a direct connection to Oslo).

Connections proposed by local vector Widerøe can be dauntingly short (down to 15 minutes), but in our experience operators are able to handle such short connections with high reliability.

By car from Kirkenes: it is feasible to land in Kirkenes and rent a car from there; the travel time is about 3 hours 45 minutes to Berlevåg. Be mindful of crossing reindeer in the road, especially from Kirkenes to Varangerbotn.

Lodging: several options are possible, but places are limited.

  • Directly in Berlevåg, the Berlevåg motel is situated within walking distance of the Haeolus plant; a few kilometres down the road is the Kongsfjord guest house.
  • In Båtsfjord, there are options at Båtsfjord Hotel, Båtsfjord Brygge, and Polar Hotel. From Båtsfjord to Berlevåg is a 90-km drive (about 1 hour), or Norway’s shortest plane route (38 km), which however is served only in the late evening towards Berlevåg. Note that car rental is not available in Båtsfjord.
  • Other places with lodging in the Varanger area are Tana (2h drive to Berlevåg), Vadsø (2h 45′), and Kirkenes (3h 45′).
  • In Tromsø there is a wide offer of lodging opportunities, but remember that there can be limited place on the morning plane to Berlevåg (Widerøe operates 39-seaters).

Climate: As the site of one of Europe’s top performing wind parks, Berlevåg is predictably windy, though slightly less so in summer (average 6 m/s). Temperatures in June are normally between 6 and 10 °C. From mid-May to the end of July, Berlevåg experiences the midnight sun, i.e. a continuous day. Driving conditions are expected to be good.

Covid: Norway has at the time of writing lifted all Covid-19 restrictions. We will inform you if the situation changes.